Why should I exercise if I have bipolar disorder?

If you have bipolar disorder, exercising is good for both your physical and mental health; it releases the chemicals in the brain (serotonin and dopamine) that depressed people lack. Establishing a regular exercise routine will help maintain a healthy weight and reduce stress levels, important for someone with the disorder.
Ruth White, MPH
Social Work
I have found that exercise makes me feel good mentally and physically. Exercise reduces stress by not only keeping your mood even and making you able to cope better with stress but is also an outlet for stress. It also releases feel good chemicals in the brain that may help reduce the likelihood of depression. Exercise, especially in the morning, also makes for better sleep at night. Also being in better condition allows the body and mind to better cope with the challenges of bipolar disorder. There are times when exercise while depressed helps reduce the symptoms of depression by not only getting you out the house but by releasing those wonderful serotonin and dopamine that helps reduce depression.

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