What are the benefits of joining a peer support group for bipolar disorder?

Peer support groups, or group meetings of others with Bipolar Disorder, can help in treatment. These groups, when organised and well-run, provide insight into day-to-day coping with the disorder. Studies worldwide have confirmed the real importance of peer support groups in helping those with the disorder to stay on their treatment plans. Although support groups are not for everyone, participation in these groups may help those with Bipolar Disorder to feel less isolated and alone when coping with the disorder. These groups also provide an opportunity to see how others with the disorder are successfully managing their lives, and offer structured activities to cope positively with the disease.
Peer support groups are very helpful because they give you the opportunity to learn about the symptoms of the illness and how these types of symptoms have affected others who have the illness. Learning how other people manage the symptoms of bipolar can be quite useful because you can try the same strategies to see if they work for you. Occasionally bringing your spouse or siblings might be of use to everyone involved.

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