Can I test myself for bipolar disorder?

Ms. Julie A. Fast
Mental Health Specialist

Sure—ask yourself these questions.

  1. Have I ever been depressed? If yes, then . . .
  2. Have I ever been depressed and then suddenly felt incredibly better? Like a cloud had been lifted from my life and everything was amazing? Have I been incredibly creative and felt sexy and wanted to travel and just be part of this big amazing world! Did sleep feel like a waste of time?
  3. Have I ever been lethargic, sad, weepy and depressed and then suddenly felt a burst of negative energy where I didn’t need to sleep, talked too much, felt physically uncomfortable, argued with people, did stupid and sometimes dangerous things and didn’t seem like myself?

Did either of the above situations last for a period of time and when it ended, you thought, “What just happened to me?” Were others very confused about your behavior?

The first elevated mood swing example of feeling like life is all butterflies and sunshine is called euphoric mania.

In the second, where are person has high energy, nervousness, agitation, pessimism, sleep problems and discontent is called dysphoric mania.

If you have had depression in your life and one of these manias show up, you need to see a health care professional for an official diagnosis.

It can be scary to go in for a diagnosis, but it's a lot better than living a life with untreated mood swings!

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