Is bipolar depression serious?

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Bipolar depression is not life-threatening in itself, though it can seriously and dangerously affect the lives of people experiencing these episodes. The body is affected through different sleeping and eating habits, which can be detrimental to the one's health. Physical symptoms may include heart palpitations, headache and chest pains. Often, people with bipolar disorder try to cope with symptoms by abusing alcohol or other drugs. Depression can lead to thoughts of self-harm and suicide. To prevent these negative effects, people experiencing bipolar depression may require hospitalization.

You should talk to a doctor about any bipolar depression symptoms you may be experiencing. The earlier that bipolar depression is diagnosed, the better chance you have at preventing other episodes. Episodes can have dangerous consequences if left untreated and can have serious and negative effects on your relationships and commitments. If you are having any thoughts of suicide, contact a doctor, healthcare professional, mental health service or hotline immediately.

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