What are the benefits of biking to work?

If you ride your bike to work, you’ll lose weight and save gas! Cycling burns a good amount of calories and over time, the mileage and calories add up. With a little preparation, this is a great way to get in an extra workout during the day.  Further, if you’re riding on a daily basis, imaging the amount of gasoline you won’t be putting into your vehicle. You’ll literally be burning fat, not gas.
Brooke Randolph
Marriage & Family Therapy
A correlation has been reported of a higher percentage of the population that bikes to work in the cities considered the most fit in the US. Since biking to work requires regular physical exercise, it is not surprising that those that commute via bicycle increase the fitness quotient for their cities. Richard Florida also found correlations between those populations with a greater percentage of biking commuters and higher earnings, more creative jobs and fewer working class jobs, more diverse populations, and higher ratings of happiness.

Brian Cantrell, a web developer at Media Refined, is an avid bicycle commuter who also mentioned happiness as a reason why he enjoys biking to work. "There are a lot of reasons I enjoy riding to work. The first is that I feel better when I get to work because I've got my blood pumping a bit so I really feel awake. I also like that you experience your city unmediated. When you are in a car you are traveling at a higher speed and there's a wall between you and the neighborhoods you pass through so you don't see much as you would on a bike. Lastly, I'm just happier when I'm active every day. I barely move while I'm at work and my eyes are always focused about two feet in front of me, definitely a sub-optimal situation, but I think cycling is the perfect antidote to it."

While the interplay of factors is likely somewhat complicated, bikers are reporting that they feel good when they cycle to work. I would guess that they work better as well.

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