Why is it good to walk in the morning?

Walking in the morning has many benefits. It helps to get your blood flowing, increasing alertness first thing in the morning and throughout the day. Often, it is cooler in the morning than during the day, so if you live in a hot area, it is an ideal time to walk.  It is easier to fit a morning walk in than waiting until evening, when you are likely to get sidetracked or busy.  Additionally, walking in the morning can often set you up to eat better throughout the day since you are starting your day on a healthy note! 
Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
Early morning walkers are much more likely to:
  • stick with their routine
  • sleep better (and get more deep sleep)
  • boost their immune system and catch fewer colds
Morning movers stick with their routines better, mainly because their day hasn’t gotten in the way yet. Do it first thing and you're done before you're too busy to do it (75% of morning exercisers are still at it a year later, ) versus just 25% of late-day folks.

Plus, your body likes morning aerobics. Your core is cooler then, which makes cardio activities feel easier. Just be sure you start with 5 minutes of slower walking to warm up your muscles before hitting your stride.

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