What are the benefits of walking as a form of exercise?

Walking has many benefits:

  • Stronger heart and lungs
  • Increase energy
  • Increased stamina
  • Increased bone density
  • Increase self-esteem

This form of exercise is one of the easiest forms and the form that has the highest success rate. Start your program simple and build!

Walking is probably the safest and least expensive form of physical activity. It can fit into almost anyone’s schedule because it can be integrated into other events. For example, you can squeeze in a walk instead of driving half a mile to the post office. The only investment you need to make is in a comfortable pair of walking shoes. In exchange for this—and extra attention to foot care—you get an exercise that conditions the cardiovascular system, lungs, arms, legs, abdomen, lower back, and buttocks.

Walking can be especially invigorating if you move at a brisk pace and travel over hilly terrain. Walking is a lifelong activity, and it is a good way to have a more active lifestyle. It can also help you ease into more vigorous exercise if you are newly diagnosed with diabetes or are not used to exercising.

For example, maybe you are a little afraid that exercising too vigorously will throw your blood glucose levels out of whack. After walking for a while, you will develop the confidence, stamina, and fitness level to try other activities.

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