Is walking a good exercise for preventing osteoarthritis?

Walking is a good exercise for preventing osteoarthritis (OA), and for reducing pain and stiffness if you have osteoarthritis. Walking can also help you lose or keep off excess weight that may add pressure on the joints of your knees and hips.
Exercising strengthens the muscles around your joints to increase flexibility. Taking pressure off the joints slows the progression of osteoarthritis. Moving your joints also releases lubricating fluids that help keep cartilage healthy. If you have osteoarthritis, a physical therapist can help you design an exercise program that is appropriate for your condition.

Walking may assist in preventing Osteoarthritis (OA). Part of this results from the opportunity to keep you bones and joints flexible by being active. The more active you are able to be the less likely you are to be diagnosed with OA. Walking is simple and most everyone can do it. The impact is minimal and the benefits are great!

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Walking is a great way to prevent osteoarthritis (OA). Walking builds muscle strength and endurance, and keeps your joints flexible without putting a lot of stress on them. All of that goes a long way toward preventing OA. As a weight-bearing exercise, walking has extra benefits including keeping your bones strong and preventing osteoporosis. Another bonus: Walking is free and you already know how to do it.
Walking is an excellent exercise for helping prevent osteoarthritis. Because walking keeps your thigh muscles strong, it can help ward off knee arthritis -- and it improves your overall health as well. To get the most benefits, wear comfortable shoes that fit well and walk regularly.

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