Is walking a good start to a good body shape?

Any form of exercise will be a great start to shaping your body.  Your body is your own masterpiece and you are in charge.  You make the decision of how you want to shape your body.  If you want to be fit then you need to be sure to eat well and exercise often.  Walking is an excellent start for anyone who is just starting exercise.  It will help get you into a routine and will help you adapt to all the fun exercise has to offer.  Once you have made a routine out of exercise then you can proceed to continue to shape your body.  Enjoy!!

Walking is a great springboard to gaining confidence and feeling fabulous about yourself and your body!  Invest in a quality pair of walking shoes and comfortable clothing, call a friend or put a leash on the dog and head out the door.  Not only does walking provide you with a sense of purpose, it connects you to your community and other walkers.  And, as a bonus, walking burns calories, tones your calves and strengthens your heart.  Happy walking!

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