Is it better to walk outside or on a treadmill?


A walk on a treadmill or a walk in the park? Either one will get you fit, but the walk in the park may make you feel a whole lot better!

Research confirms it: Exercising in a green environment puts you in a better frame of mind than working out in a sterile gym. Go figure!

In a study, people walked on a treadmill and viewed pictures of urban areas or images of rural scenes with lots of green spaces. The result? Besides bringing down blood pressure, viewing the green scenery improved energy and activity levels, raised self-esteem and boosted mood.

Much of this will depend on personal preference. Some enjoy walking indoors while others truly enjoy outdoors. When walking on a treadmill remember that the treadmill will not stop if you decide to. If outdoors, you may stop at any time. When on a treadmill, you are stuck walking straight and have little room to move side to side. When outdoors, you are able to go side to side and forwards and backwards. On the otherhand, when winter comes, walking indoors will be your best bet.

Again, much will depend on which you would prefer to complete. I would prefer outdoors but as long as you are active then both will work great! Enjoy!

They both have their benefits - the one you'll actually do - is the one that's best for you.

Benefits of walking outdoors: Access to fresh air, a diverse and stimulating environment, an actual destination, a great opportunity to catch up with a friend or loved one, easily accessible - no need for fancy equipment.

Benefits of walking on a treadmill: always accessible - not limited to weather conditions or time of day, you can control the pace and the incline, low impact if you're concerned about previous injuries.

Beware of creating unnecessary restrictions - Walking is an excellent form of cardio exercise and whether it's outdoors or on a treadmill, you're body will reap the benefits.

Walking on a treadmill will alway be better because it provides a nice cushion for your joints.  When walking outside there is no cushion for your joints so you are impacting the cement, gravel or grass with full impact.  However if you don't have any limitations, past injuries to worry about either one is fine but the treadmill will always be the safe bet.

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