How can a child improve the muscle tone in their legs for better walking?

If the child has been diagnosed with Hypotonia, which is a fancy name for "low muscle tone", then it is very important that you get your child to be as active as possible to build up their strength and agility.

Your possibilities are almost endless. There are gymnastics, swimming, or even playing in the playground. The main key is to keep them moving. Some parents choose to take the Physical Therapy route, which is completly fine, but not necessary unless directly referred from your physician.

Your child can do a variety of things to improve muscle tone in their legs.  As long as they have no restrictions then try some of the following:

  • Swimming
  • Any sport activity, i.e. baseball/softball, basketball, tennis, etc.
  • Running
  • Strength training
  • Playing on the playground


Again, activities for children are endless as long as no restrictions are present.

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