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Will abdominal crunches help me lose belly fat?

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    Nope!!  The key to losing body fat is simply to eat less than what your body needs on a daily basis and you will drop fat.  Fat is stored energy so you have to go after the storage.  When the body fat comes off though you will want to make sure you have a fit strong core to show the world!  Every person on this earth has a great looking set of abs under varying degrees of skin conditions, body fat, etc. but all of us have great abs.  It is just that most of us can't see them.  :)
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  • Unfortunately crunches will NOT directly help you lose belly fat. The only thing they really accomplish is toning up the abdominals. Belly fat probably wouldn't be as much of an issue if the theory of spot reducing exercises worked.  

    The only way to get that stubborn belly fat to leave is to clean up your nutrition, become more active, manage your stress and get the proper amount of sleep.

    Strengthening the core muscles should be a big part of any health and fitness program, but relying on ab exercises alone won't solve the belly fat problem. 

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  • Abdominal crunches will not directly help you lose belly fat. This myth is sometimes called “spot reduction” - the idea that you can target weight loss in specific areas of your body. You can’t control which part of your body will lose fat when you are physically active. Genetics plays a big part in controlling body composition and shape. Crunches will simply strengthen your abdominal muscles, which are underneath the layer of belly fat. However, if you balance the calories you eat with exercise to reach a desirable body weight, you will be more likely to lose fat from various parts of your body, including your belly.
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    Crunches can firm up the muscles under your belly fat and keep your core strong, and that's important for many reasons. But they won't make that fat magically vanish on their own. For fat erasing, you need regular aerobic exercise, such as walking.

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  • Absolutely not! Reduction of the mid-section is reduction in body fat. Crunches help strengthen muscles but are not the way to lose belly fat. Eat clean and exercise daily to achieve body fat reduction. Stay away from trans fats, packaged and processed foods and stick with poly and mono unsaturated fats and also be careful with skim milk which contains a lot of sugar. I prefer unsweetened almond milk. Whole foods are the best and steer clear of sugar and high sodium foods too. Now get the body fat low to show that six pack.

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