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What exercises will help me get rid of belly fat post-pregnancy?

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    Getting rid of fat is difficult after pregnancy. In this video, Dr. Oz and trainer Joel Harper offer exercise tips to trim the tummy that are easy to do at home.


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  •  To get rid of post pregnancy belly fat you need to combine increased physical activity with mild to moderate decrease in calorie intake. No amount of crunches or sit ups or torso twists will remove the fat off your tummy, but a steady combo of increased activity and diet will cause a over all calorie deficit each day. In order to compensate for this the body will be forced to tap into it’s stored fat for energy to make up the difference. Your body will take fat from all over the body but areas that have extra fat stores like your tummy will be tapped into more for calories. If you stick with your plan over time the body will drop the excess fat, including your belly. Exercises that strengthen the core will help you achieve fitness and decrease the risk of injury and can and should be included in your diet and exercise program
  • Many women struggle with that post baby belly fat, me included! I think I struggled with it for 5 years! However, I don't suggest that route...

    The key thing to remember is that your abs will come back with diligence, persistence, and of course patience. Proper nutrition and well thought out exercises help too!

    First, make sure you get your doctors OK to begin working out again. Even though you may "feel" as though you're ready, make sure you get cleared for exercise. After that, find some you time to carve out for working out. Don't skimp on sleep in the hopes of getting a six pack, but maybe during baby's nap time or even with them nearby. Don't try to work out during feeding times: yours, or your baby's. No matter how athletic you were prior to giving birth, ease back into it. The muscle memory will kick in and you can regain your strength, but Rome wasn't built in a day...

    My favorite ab move (especially for sparking that muscle memory) is a straight legged floor crunch. Lie on floor with legs extended straight, toes pointed, and legs glued together so your activating the muscle fibers throughout your legs. Place fingertips behind head for support, then crunch up, drawing the naval towards the spine and the rib cage towards the hip, resulting in the shoulder blades leaving (or almost!) the floor. Return to start and repeat mindfully until you can't do any more with good form. When you begin to lose control of your abs or pull on your neck your form is gone.

    Eat for energy because you need it! If you are breastfeeding, don't fall into the "I can eat anything" trap. You only need an extra 200-300 calories a day, so take it easy. Keep your meats lean (chicken breast, turkey breast, pork loin, tuna, white fish), your carbs clean (leafy greens, root veggies, whole grains, fruits) and your fats healthy (olive oil, natural peanut butter, avocado) and you'll be ready to run after that toddler (time flies!) when you need to.

    Be patient. Be kind to yourself. Don't neglect your abs. Focus on healthy eats.

    This will get you where you want to be.


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