Lose Belly Fat by Standing Up

Lose Belly Fat by Standing Up

It's fast, it's easy, and it's free. To shave as much as 1 1/2 inches from your waistline—and get the small waist you’ve always wanted—just stand up more.

In a study of middle-aged adults, those who broke up their sedentary hours the most—by frequently getting out of their chairs for a bit—had waists that were more than an inch smaller than their sit-for-longer peers.

Stand up to size down
Waist size is a rough indicator of how healthy you are. A big waist means you're more likely to have bad stuff going on inside your body—such as inflammation, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, high blood sugar, and unhealthful fat deposits around vital organs. All of which bump up your risk for conditions like diabetes and heart disease. But taking frequent breaks from sitting could help you lose belly fat—and they don't even have to be long breaks. In the study, people had to stand for only 1 minute for it to count as a break. Here's one way to lose belly fat: sleep more.

Take additional measures
So the breaks you take don't have to be long. But they do have to be frequent to have an impact on your waistline. Use a reminder system that will provide regular prompts whenever you're sedentary—whether it's a watch that beeps, a timer that ticks or a computer program that gives you a pop-up reminder. Sound like too much? Then consider this: Related studies suggest that people with highly sedentary habits live shorter lives and have a greater risk of heart disease—even if they exercise regularly. So make it a point to separate your derriere from your chair throughout the day and lose belly fat. Adopt these additional strategies for a small waist:

Medically reviewed in June 2018.

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