Why does a large woman have to spend more to dress well?

Tonya Bolden
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
I wear panty hose only when I want to. I buy fewer pairs, and when I do, I’m not paying that higher plus-size price. I can get them from a dollar store. I don’t, but I could! Typically, when a large woman wants to dress well, she has to spend more money on her wardrobe than a small woman does. Plus-size clothes cost more. Skinny people can wear just about anything and look okay, and even look chic in inexpensive things. I don’t think every woman can wear everything and look good in it. Not even skinny people. Leggings, spandex - need I say more?
Half the Mother, Twice the Love: My Journey to Better Health with Diabetes

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Half the Mother, Twice the Love: My Journey to Better Health with Diabetes

As a talk-show host and inspirational speaker, Mother Love used to have to just grin and bear it -- all that extra weight and the poor health that went along with it. Today she can truly smile as she...

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