How do actresses stay so svelte?

In many cases actors and actresses have a commitment to personal fitness and eating that few will tolerate. I am speaking more of the actresses here but the actors must also be included. I am not necessarily referring to the 19 year old megastar that is fresh off the train. I am more referring to the refined star or starlet that has been doing the Hollywood thing for a while. You start with a very attractive person (good genes), you combine this person with a dedicated eating program (good nutrition), you place them into a very consistent exercise regime (good fitness) and you add a little help from our fantastic Southern California plastic surgeons and you have a star's visage. Don't overestimate genetics and underestimate effort; most of the Hollywood elites are extremely dedicated to their nutrition and fitness. They might get away with not caring in their late teens and early 20's and maybe some of them get away with stuff between movies and off set but by the time they hit mid to late 20's, moving on to their 30's and so on, for the most part their discipline levels are very hard to match, even during the off times.

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