Can SAQ drills be incorporated into my basketball skill practice?

Yes, but you must pay special attention to the work-recovery ratio so that you are not overly fatigued during the drills.  When performing SAQ (speed, agility, and quickness) training you are trying to improve your technique and the speed with which you accomplish tasks.  It is hard to gain anything from an SAQ program if you are tired.  It is usually more beneficial to incorporate some SAQ drills into your warm-up, and then progress into your skill drills and practice.
Mike Elliott
Speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ) drills can and should be a part of your basketball skill practice.  The easiest way to incorporate them into a practice is as part of the warm-up.  On a practice day, you would ideally begin with your dynamic warm-up and then move into the SAQ drills just before you begin your basketball drills.  I often use speed ladders and hurdles to bridge the gap between the dynamic warm-up and practice.  For more advanced players, add a ball to these drills to improve hand-eye coordination and ball handling ability during unpredictable situations.

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