As a basketball player, how can I assess my balance and coordination?

Balance and coordination is essential for all basketball players regardless of position. The shark skill test is a great way to assess your balance, coordination, and agility.  Create a 3 by 3 grid comprised of 9 boxes with each box12 inches wide and 12 inches long.  The grid should look like an oversized tic-tac-toe grid.  Start by balancing on your right leg in the center box.  Hop on your right leg from the center box to the top center box and back again.  Then, hop to the box in the upper right corner and back to the center.  Now, hop to the box to the right and back.  Continue this pattern moving clockwise around the entire grid.  Remember to move back to the middle box each time before moving on to the next box in the pattern and to not let your left foot touch the ground.  Once you have completed the drill in a clockwise fashion, repeat by going counter-clockwise.  Now, repeat the drill by hopping on your left leg.  To test your progress, time how long it takes your to get all the way around the grid.  This should give you a good measure of comparison as you work your way through your training program.

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