What should I do in-season to maintain the gains I made in the off-season?

Mike Elliott
In-season training is important and often times difficult to map out.  It must be tailored to your individual goals for the season, yet also be flexible to changes in minutes played and possible injury.  A good goal is 3 lifts per week.  These can be comprised of mainly stability and strength lifts for general maintenance, but also add a sampling of power and agility work to keep these aspects of your game at their best as well.  Lifts should focus on lower, upper, and total body.  If your minutes are high, keep the weights light enough that you dont have soreness the next day, yet heavy enough that you are doing productive work (this takes some experience to quantify).  If your minutes are low, some next-day soreness may be acceptible as increases in stabilty, strength, power, and agiltiy may help you crack the lineup and earn more minutes.
The training program you should use in-season depends on the intensity of practice and the amount of playing time you get.  It is important to adjust your volume of training to prevent overuse injuries, or on the other end of the spectrum, deconditioning.  If you are playing a significant amount and are practicing hard throughout the season, you can continue your pre-season training program, addressing weaknesses when they arise.  If you are not getting significant playing time and practice, you need to increase your training.  Set goals that will improve your chance of earning more playing time.

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