What should I do during the basketball off-season to increase my power?

During the off-season, rather than immediately focusing on power-specific training such as jumping, throwing, etc., you should begin by developing proper amounts of stabilition strength to help recover from the stresses of the season and prepare you for the higher-intensity training that will be coming. Performing exercises in unstable, yet controllable, environments (a dumbbell chest press on a stability for example) can help improve your stabilization strength. You should also perform the number sets and repetitons that will help increase endurance in your muscles. Perform 1-3 sets of 12-25 repetitions using relatively light loads. Once you have developed ample amounts of stability over approximately a 4-week period, you can begin increasing the weight you're lifting and perform exercises in a more stable environment so you can handle heavier loads (for example, a dummbell chest press on a bench). At this point in your training progression, you should change your set and repetition variables by increasing the number of sets performed to 2-4 and  decreasing the number of repetitions performed to 6-12 due to the heavier loads. Eventually, you can begin incorporating maximal strength training in which you would use maximal to near maximal loads with very low repetitions (1-5) if this is part of your training goal. Once you have followed this progression to dvelop ample amounts of stability and stength, then your body will be prepared to properly perform power exercises. You can easily incorporate power exercises directly into your strength training which will help you to develop power and maintain or potentially increase your strength. You can do this by performing a traditional strength exercise, like a heavy squat, immediately followed by performing a power exercise like squat jumps. Complete this sequence using 1-5 repetitions with heavy loads for the strength exercise (in this case the squat) and 8-10 repeitions for the power exercise (in this case the squat jumps). Perform 2-4 sets in which one set is made up of both the strength and power exercises. Following this type of progression will help you recover from the stresses of the season, progressively gain the strength needed to lift heavier weights, and decrease your risk of injury.

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