Should I incorporate Olympic lifts into my basketball off-season training?

Mike Elliott
Prior to engaging in Olympic Lifting, it is necessary to make sure that your body is moving at its very best.  What I mean is that you must make sure that you are capable of producing the movement properly from head to toe.  Olympic Lifts can be a great tool to increase strength and power, but they can also cause serious injury if you are unable to perform them correctly.  Make sure that you engage in these lifts under the watchful eye of your Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and that you have undergone and passed a full Overhead Squat Assessment with them beforehand.  Ideally, you will have advanced through the Corrective Exercise, Stability Training, and Strength Training phases before you move on to Olympic Lifiting (approximately 2-3 months).
Yes, but only after you have allowed a couple weeks for recovery and have built a base of endurance, stability, and strength.  Olympic lifts can be incorporated into your training after a couple months of consistent resistance training.  Incorporating these exercises should be done under the guidance of an experienced professional who can show you proper technique and form, minimizing your risk of injury.  Try not to overtrain when performing Olympic lifts.  Six to eight sets of Olympic lifting performed two to three days per week is a sufficient amount of activity to see results.  Completing more sets or days of training may yield little, if any, benefit.

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