My basketball season just ended, what now?

Aaron Nelson
Sports Medicine
Give yourself some time to recover, both physically and mentally. This is the maintenance phase of your season. Work on recovering from any injuries you may have sustained throughout your season by working with your athletic trainer or physical therapist. If you're overall health is good and you're not suffering from any chronic injuries you may want to do some non basketball activities to stay active and keep your fitness level moderated. Activities such as swimming, hiking, bike riding, tennis or just walking will help you stay fit and do things that you like to do that are not basketball related. Once you get about 8-12 weeks out from your next season, begin working out again both on the court (shooting, ball handling, etc.) and in the weight room working on your balance, strength and flexibility. As it gets closer to your season, ramp up your workouts and begin playing more pick-up games. 2 on 2, 3 on 3 and full court 5 on 5 will help you get your basketball stamina back before you head off to camp or the start of your basketball season.
Use the 2-4 weeks immediately following a tough basketball season to recover both mentally and physically.  Any time spent at the gym should be dominated by physical therapy, foam rolling, flexibility, and core training.  Cardiovascular training should be low intensity and geared toward aiding in recovery.  It might be appropriate to allow yourself a couple weeks of focused recovery before participating in any games.

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