What are some common bacterial eye infections?

Bacterial eye infections are infections in the various areas of the eye caused by different types of bacteria or contaminated contact lenses. Bacterial eye infections can affect many different parts of the eye. The location of the infection depends on the bacteria, as well as the cause of the infection. Some eye infections affect the cornea, sclera, and conjunctiva.

There are a number of common bacterial eye infections. The most commonly known is conjunctivitis, also called pink eye. Either bacteria or a virus can cause pink eye. Bacterial and viral pink eye are both highly contagious. Keratitis is another type of infection that affects the cornea. Trachoma is a scarring of the inner eyelid and is more common in third world countries. Another bacterial eye infection is endophthalmitis, which affects the inside of your eye.


Symptoms of bacterial eye infections include itchy eyes, redness, or some type of drainage. Your vision may also be affected. You may have unclear vision or be limited in your ability to see. You may also experience swelling and inflammation in or around the eyes.

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