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How effective are chiropractors for treating back pain?

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    While many folks in the medical community dismiss chiropractors as too alternative or ineffective, nearly 60% of people suffering from back pain claim they get badly needed relief from this kind of treatment.

    Over time, chiropractic treatments for back pain may make a difference and are just as effective as pain medication. The difference, however, is that painkillers don’t eliminate the problem -- they just cover up the symptoms, whereas, spinal realignment, which forms the foundation of chiropractic care, can get to the root cause and fix an irritated nerve.

    Many people worry that if they see a chiropractor once they’ll have to go back forever. However, there are many kinds of chiropractic care, and some cases can be treated in as little as one to two sessions. Often, the first phase of chiropractic care is to get you out of pain, while the second phase is to correct the problem, such as learning exercises.
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