How is chronic low back pain treated?

Claude Borowsky, MD
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
To treat chronic back pain coming from the lumbar discs, modifying lifestyle is often the most significant factor in reducing back pain. Quitting smoking, getting adequate aerobic exercise, using proper lifting techniques and reducing the amount of time spent sitting without a break are often more effective than medical or surgical treatment.

If changing habits doesn’t provide sufficient relief, a specialist can recommend several options including medications, radiofrequency ablation, epidural injections, postural correction, and if necessary, surgery.

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Treatment for chronic low back pain includes several different general categories. These categories include physical therapy, medications, coping skills, procedures and complementary medicine treatments. Your healthcare provider will tailor a program involving a combination of these options that best addresses your needs.

Make certain you fully understand any treatment option that you are given. Ask questions if something is not clear. 

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