Back Pain Relief: 6 Solutions to Your Back Problems

By Dr. Michael Roizen, MD and Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD

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Back Pain Relief: 6 Solutions to Your Back Problems

Sometimes how you stand, sit, or even sleep can cause back problems. In fact, the teensiest things -- twisting that Champagne cork on a romantic night or scooping up your grandchild for a smooch -- can throw your back out of whack. Ouch. The following tips will provide the back pain relief you’ve been longing for. You'll keep those kisses coming and reduce back strain. 

  • Pretend you're in a bar. When you have to stand up for a while, don't just stand there. Prop one foot on a low stool or a phone book, the way you do on the rail when you belly up to a bar.
  • Get sole-savvy. Wear low, comfortable shoes with shock-absorbing rubber or crepe soles. Good walking shoes soften the impact as you walk.
  • Tighten your abs. These core muscles are nature's girdle, providing the support and strength you need to prevent back injuries. Doing Pilates, crunches or planks will do the trick.
  • Get up and move. Take activity breaks from your computer every hour to prevent stiffness. To get back pain relief, prop your feet on the desk (knees higher than your hips) when the boss isn't looking.
  • Be careful about heavy lifting. Never bend over to pick up something weighty. Squat down, knees bent, back straight. To lift, tighten your abs, push up with your legs. Better yet, ask friends to help.
  • Assume the best sleep position. For minimal back problems and strain, lie on your side, legs comfortably bent, with a pillow between your knees. Can't sleep unless you're lying on your back? Place a pillow beneath your knees.

Back Pain

Back Pain

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