How can I strengthen my rhomboids?

To strengthen the rhomboids, you want to perform any exercise that involves squeezing the shoulder blades together. A good exercise that accomplishes this is the standing cable row: 2-arm. To perform the standing cable row: 2-arm, follow the step described below. Stand facing a cable resistance machine with the feet pointed straight ahead and shoulder-width apart. Hold a cable in each hand, with the arms extended and at chest level. Begin the cable row by bringing your thumbs toward the armpits while at the same time squeezing the shoulder blades together. Be careful not to shrug the shoulders or jut the head forward. Hold briefly before returning to the start position and repeat for the desired number of repetitions. If a cable row machine is not available, an alternative exercise that will target the rhomboids is the standing dumbbell cobra: 2-arm.

Rhomboid muscles are small muscles that originate at your spine and attach to your shoulder blades and respond well to rowing exercises.  Try a simple barbell row by holding the bar with palms facing toward you and a little wider than shoulder’s width apart.  Bend at your hips and knees and let the bar hang straight down until it’s almost parallel to the floor.  While squeezing your shoulder blades together, pull the bar to your lower chest, pause and then lower back to the start position. 

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