What are signs that a newborn needs immediate medical attention?

Major signs that a newborn needs immediate medical attention include the following: Fevers greater than 100.4, no urine output, no bowel movements especially with projectile vomiting, yellow skin color  (jaundice), breathing diffulties such as audible breath sounds or rapid chest movements. Of course there are other concerning signs beyond these ones listed. When unsure always contact your doctors' office for further guidance.
Please call your pediatrician if you notice any of these symptoms in your baby:
  • A rectal temperature over 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • Having less than six wet diapers in 24 hours;
  • Passing meconium at three days old;
  • Having no stool in 24 hours during the first week of life;
  • Not eating well or refusing feedings;
  • Vomiting repeatedly;
  • Having frequent or excessive loose stools;
  • Being sleepy or difficult to wake;
  • Crying excessively with no known cause;
  • Having an unusual or severe rash;
  • Having a yellow tint moving from the face to the legs;
  • Seeming ill or not acting like himself or herself.

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