What happens at check-ups during my baby's first year?

Most "well child" check-ups include vaccinations. While this is an important part of well child visits, it is not the only reason your child is seeing the doctor. Check-ups during the first year of life are very important to ensure that your child is growing and developing appropriately. During each check up, the physician will ask several questions about how your baby is eating, and they will plot them on a growth curve to ensure that they are growing appropriately. They will also ask about developemental skills that include gross motor (rolling over, crawling, walking), fine motor (grasping with their hands), and social (smiling, laughing, talking) development. They will also often ask about sleeping habits as well as if your child is having any trouble pooping or peeing. They will discuss safety information relevant to your childs age, and talk a little about what to expect in the upcoming months. These visits are important to identify any abnormalities early on, and allow your physician to intervene if necessary.
The first year is a busy time, with seven recommended assessments. All children are screened for metabolic and blood problems, development, hearing and oral health. If there are parental concerns, babies may need additional vision screening by a specialist. If lead or tuberculosis exposures are suspected, those children should be tested.

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