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What are the types of circumcision for a baby?

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    Parents have the choice between an in-home procedure (done by a trained mohel, who may or may not be a physician) and a hospital procedure (often done by interns in training.) The procedures are strikingly different. For the hospital procedure, the baby is taken away from his parents, strapped to a restraining board, and the procedure can take upwards of 10 minutes with the baby screaming the entire time. A mohel is trained and religiously obligated to complete the procedure with as little discomfort as possible. A mohel can complete the procedure in a matter of seconds without the need to restrain the baby. The baby is held in the lap of a loved one and is returned to his mother's arms in less than a minute. If you are committed to circumcision for your son, I strongly recommend you employ a qualified and experienced mohel.
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    Circumcisions generally fall into one of two types, both of which should be performed using some type of anesthesia so the newborn will not feel pain. The first uses the Plastibell, which is a ring that will fall off about a week after the circumcision. The second, and nowadays more commonly used, is a non–ring-type metal clamp called Gomco or Mogen.
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