How can I prevent injury in my exercise class?

Sadie Lincoln
Sadie Lincoln on behalf of barre3
Great question. Preventing injury starts with listening to your body. Knowing the difference between challenging yourself and working through pain is very important. Just because the class is going in one direction does not mean that direction is right for you. Listening to the cues from your instructor is also important in ensuring you are setting yourself up correctly to avoid injury.
The best way to prevent injuries is to eliminate any muscular imbalances you may have collected in your daily activities. A movement assessment like an overhead squat assessment will show if you have any muscular imbalances. If any muscular imbalances appear use corrective flexibility training to loosen tightened muscles and active isolated strengthening to improve the strength of weakened muscles. This will bring your bodies joints back into optimal alignment and dramatically decrease your risk of injury.

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How Can I Prevent Injuries While Exercising

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