How do I minimize the risk of injury when jogging?

Avoid jogging on concrete—it’s too hard. Try the track at a nearby school or park instead. Take time to develop your leg and foot muscles to reduce the possibility of injury. If you start to develop any persistent pain, especially in your joints, don’t risk further injury. Rest, take a few days off, or try walking instead.

Running injuries are very common and there are many strategies to help prevent these injuries, including changing mechanics to changing shoe type and running surface. However, here are three of my favorite exercises to prevent running injuries.

1 – Foam roll - Foam rollers are used to stop over active muscles and improve flexibility. Foam rolling the hip, thigh and calf fmuscles will be very beneficial.  

2 – Stretch the calf muscles - improving flexibility of the muscles of your lower leg will allow you to have proper range of motion through the joints and give you the opportunity run with proper mechanics.

3 – Strengthen the hips - Weakness in the buttocks or gluteus muscles of the hip are a common cause of running injuries. The gluteus muscles help control and stabilize the help, which allow you to run with proper mechanics. Subsequently, strengthening these muscles will decrease your chance of developing running injuries.  

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