Can I exercise in extreme hot weather?

Exercising in extreme hot weater is possible but you must take some precautions to avoid heat illness.  
- Make sure you are well hydrated before, during, and after your workout in the heat. 
- If you sweat a lot, you may lose more electrolytes and may require a sports drink or electrolyte replacement.
- Be sure to wear sunscreen if you are working out outdoors.
- Wear breathable clothing to help stay cool.
- Use ice towels to cool off if necessary. 
- Try to stay in a shaded area.
- Allow yourself to get acclimated to the heat slowly if you are not used to working out in extreme heat. 
- Speak with your doctor if you have personal concerns about exercising in the heat. 
- If you or your doctor determine it is too hot to workout, you can try working out in the early morning or late evening hours during the coolest time of day. 
- If you suspect you or someone else has a heat related illness, call 911 immediately.

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