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What is occasional atrial fibrillation?

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    Occasional atrial fibrillation is also called paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.  That just means that it happens every so often but not all the time.  But the dangers are still the same so it still needs to be treated.  Atrial fibrillation is what we call an 'irregularly irregular' heartbeat.  So there is not a pattern to it.  Your heart can pump very fast and erratically and then go back to normal.   Your healthcare provider will still want to treat you and find out why you have occasional atrial fibrillation

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  • Occasional atrial fibrillation is a kind of arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat, which occurs every now and then and lasts from a few minutes to a few hours. It happens when chaotic electrical signals to the atria, or two upper chambers of the heart, cause it to contract, or tighten, quickly. This makes the heart beat faster, slower, or unevenly. Occasional atrial fibrillation can lead to complications such as stroke, shortness of breath, fatigue, and weakness. Occasional atrial fibrillation is also referred to as paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.

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