What's the best way to monitor peak flow for my asthma?

The best way to monitor peak flow for your asthma is to perform an accurate peak flow measurement. This should be done in sets of three, one or more times daily depending on how difficult it is to breathe. Ideally your doctor should provide you with an asthma action plan that correlates the peak flow reading number to set treatments.

To monitor peak flow for your asthma, start by finding your best peak flow while your asthma is under control. Take your peak flow each day for two to three weeks first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The highest number is your personal best peak flow. Now you can establish your three zones: green (80 to 100 percent of best peak flow), yellow (50 to 79 percent) and red (below 50 percent), and what medicines to take (ask your healthcare provider). Check your peak flow every morning before you take your medication; during an asthma attack; and just after taking medication for an attack, to see if it's working.

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