Will taking half an aspirin every day help prevent cancer?

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    Though we don't know how aspirin decreases cancer risk, we know that it does. Taking half of an aspirin a day can decrease the risk of getting colon cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer by 40 percent. It's been shown to slightly-very slightly-increase the risk of pancreatic cancer from 2 incidents of every 100,000 people to 4 incidents per 100,000.

    Those benefits do not include its ability to prevent or reverse arterial aging. Just taking that half of a regular aspirin (or two baby aspirins) can make the RealAge of a 55-year-old 2.2 years younger. Take aspirin with a glass of warm water: It'll help dissolve the aspirin faster and decrease the risk of gastric side effects that occur when the aspirin lands directly on the stomach lining.
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