What should I expect after arthroscopic knee surgery?

Dr. Kristofer J. Jones, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon

After arthroscopic knee surgery, you should expect to use a knee brace for support and comfort, as well as crutches for an assistive walking device. After arthroscopic knee surgery, it is important to control swelling, which can be managed with elevation of the affected extremity and cryotherapy and/or compression therapy. Because arthroscopic surgery is minimally invasive, postoperative pain is typically quite manageable and recovery is accelerated.

After arthroscopic knee surgery, expect a recovery time of about a week, during which you'll do a range of motion exercises.

After arthroscopic knee surgery, nurses will monitor your vital signs (temperature, pulse, breathing rate, and blood pressure) in a recovery room. You'll be able to go home as soon as your vital signs are good and you are fully awake and can move to a chair or stand and walk—usually in one or two hours.

The nurses or medical team will discuss the outcome of your surgery and instructions for caring for yourself at home. You may not remember this information. Ask a friend or family member to take notes.

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