How can hip arthritis be treated without surgery?

Daniel Higbee, DO
Orthopedic Surgery
There are a lot of treatment options for people with hip arthritis that don't involve surgery. I always like to begin with physical therapy to increase range of motion and function across the hip. If we can keep the muscles strong, we can reduce a lot of the stress across the joint. We also use anti-inflammatories to reduce hip pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. 

Another option for people who have arthritis in the hip is to have an intra-articular injection. We do that under a live x-ray. We insert the needle into the hip joint and inject a little dye to make sure we're in the joint. We then inject a steroid with some local anesthetic to give the person relief from their hip pain and inflammation. 

There are also very important things to do to prevent arthritis within the hip before it develops. Eating healthy is very important for joint nutrition, as well as for weight loss. Weight loss is crucial, because two to three times the body weight is transferred across the hip joint with each step. And that goes up exponentially with high-impact exercises like running. Weight loss of five pounds results in 15 pounds of reduced stress across the hip joint.

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