Pill-Free Way to Help with Arthritis Symptoms

You may be able to use your own body to help ease arthritis symptoms in your knees and other creaky joints.

How? Through regular practice of tai chi. This gentle martial art integrates fluid movements with deep breathing -- and research shows it may help reduce arthritis pain and disability by about 10 points on a 100-point scale.

Tried-and-True Tai Chi Exercises
When it comes to improving balance and coordination, tai chi is hard to beat. And the slow, dancelike moves also stretch and strengthen the muscles tasked with supporting your joints, making you stronger and more flexible. And if it's more energy you're after, research shows that tai chi exercises can help with that, too. Want more info on gentle martial arts like tai chi? Check out this in-depth article.

Pain, Pain, Go Away
Tai chi is just one of many mind-body tricks that may help ease arthritis symptoms without the help of pills. Here are a few more options to try:

Did you know tai chi exercises can help you sleep, too? Find out how.