What is the Hybrid Maze procedure?

Hybrid Maze, so named for the maze-like set of incisions made on the left and right atria, is a multidisciplinary, closed chest, minimally-invasive endoscopic procedure that creates scar lines (lesions) on the epicardium (the outside of the heart) without compromising the pericardium (the membrane sac enclosing the heart and other major surrounding vessels). The lesions work to divert the abnormal electrical impulses in the heart which cause the arrhythmia, isolating them and allowing the heart to return to its normal cadence.

The endoscopic approach allows epicardial access and ablation to be accomplished without violating the chest or deflating the lungs. It also enables a single-setting procedure to be performed in the electrophysiology laboratory, potentially reducing post-procedure pain, decreasing length of hospital stay and improving patient recovery.

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