Is there a cure for arrhythmia?

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  • There is no universal cure for arrhythmia. Depending on the type and severity of your arrhythmia, medication and other forms of treatment can help reduce symptoms and regulate your heartbeat. Some arrhythmias are due to heart damage. You can prevent this damage by leading a healthy lifestyle: eat right, lower your blood pressure, do not smoke, and exercise regularly.

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    Arrhythmias can be divided into slow rhythm and rapid heart beat rhythm disorders.

    The majority of rapid arrhythmias can be cured.
    1. Some rapid arrhythmias are due to an additional electrical pathway causing a reentrant rapid heart rate.
    2. Some are due to irritable cells in heart beating very fast.

    Both of these above can be permanenetly cured with one procedure by targeting the additional pathway and irritable focus of cells respectively.

    Life threatening slow rhythms are treated with a pacemaker if they cannot be prevented.

    Life threatening rapid heart arrhythmias are treated with defibrillators.
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