What specific exercise will increase the strength of my biceps?

There are numerous exercises that can improve bicep strength. Traditionally, any stabilized forms of arm flexion exercises (such as biceps curls with dumbbells or with a barbell) can help in improving strength. But it is more than just the exercise that will improve bicep strength. You can perform bicep curls all you want, but if you do 1 set using 2 pound weights you're not going to see large improvements in strength. The reason being is that the stress on the bicep is not great enough for it to get stronger. To improve bicep strength, you can start by performing 1 set of 10 repetitions of bicep curls using a weight where the last couple of repetitions are challenging. As that becomes easier, you can increase the weight you are using and/or increase the volume from 1 set, to 2 sets, to 3 sets while gradually increasing the weight. This type of progression will continuously overload the bicep giving it something new to have to adapt to and thus, increase strength.

Bicep strength can be increased by many variations of the bicep curl.  These variations include, but are not limited to:

- cable biceps curls
- dumbbell biceps curls
- dumbbell reverse curls
- kettlebell curls
- resistance band biceps curls

You will need to increase the weight as sets become easier. As always, consult with a certified personal trainer for tips on properly performing these exercises.  

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