What exercise will give me bigger forearms?

To get bigger forearms, try to incorporate exercises into your resistance program that challenge your ability to grip and hold onto the resistance you are using.  Many of the muscles in the forearms control the function of the fingers and are more endurance based. Therefore, performing exercises that challenge your ability to grip for prolonged periods of time will greatly stimulate the forearm muscles.  Some examples of exercises that will really stress and challenge the forearm muscles and grip include, but are not limited to, deadlifts, rows, pull-ups, pulldowns,  exercises that involve using tools like training ropes, or farmer's walks.  A farmer's  walk is an exercise in which you hold onto heavy dumbbells or resistance bars at each side of the body and carry them for a pre-determined distance or time without compensation.  You can also vary the previously mentioned exercises by changing the thickness of the grip by wrapping a towel around the bar(s) or dumbbell(s), using thicker ropes, or by using performance grip products.  The thicker grip will stress the forearm muscles more than a thinner grip.  Additionally, since the forearm muscles not only control the fingers but also work to extend and flex the wrist, it would not be innappropriate to perform isolated strengthening exercises such as resisted wrist extensions or wrist curls in addition to your heavier compound lifts to help increase forearm muscle size.

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