How can I get rid of the flab in my upper arms?

The muscles of the back of the arm are easy to target, tricky to train. Those muscles, the triceps, are three parts and their job simply is to straighten the elbow. So if you want to minimize the "ripple" effect wave, you can either wave with a completely straight elbow and just rattle your hand around OR cross train those out-of-sight, out-of-mind muscles with seated dips and seated overhead extensions, triceps push-ups and triceps kickbacks using light to medium weights or no weights at all. Keeping the elbows close to the body (both can be modified by performing the exercises on your knees) for the dips and push-ups, lower your own body weight by bending the elbow and then press to a straightened arm. Extensions are overhead and kickbacks are behind you. These different body positions effectively and safely target the upper, middle and lower parts of all three "heads" of the triceps muscle.

This question is asked daily.  The answer includes genetics.  Unfortunately, we all have genetics and some people store fat in areas that they do not want to store in!  However, we need to love our bodies as they are the only ones we have.

In order to be successful in flabloss, that’s a new word, you need to focus on sound nutrition.  You can do triceps extension day and night but may not be able to lose that extra flab.  With sound nutrition you will be able to cut down on body fat and potentially tighten up those arms just the way you want them!

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Ah yes, the dreaded arm flab. This is a problem for quite a few people, but not one that can't be fixed. Getting rid of body fat under your arms is no different then reducing body fat from anywhere else. First and foremost, to reduce body fat you must consume fewer calories than you burn on a regular basis. A sensible, lower calorie diet combined with regular exercise will do the trick.

Cardiovascular exercise is a great way to burn off some of those excess calories. Swimming, riding a bike, running, jumping rope, and even walking are good examples of cardio exercise. As far as your resistance training is concerned, it would be misleading to say that performing arm specific exercises will get rid of arm flab. There is no non-surgical way to spot reduce body fat from a specific area by targeting that area with exercise (arms included). A better strategy would be to work your entire body with resistance training, since having new lean muscle throughout your body will help speed your metabolism. Resistance training burns calories during the workout itself, and more importantly sets you up to burn more calories all day, everyday. Reducing arm flab = Burning calories!

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
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Many people have flab in their upper arms that are hard to get rid of. Watch this video as Dr. Oz learns from choreographer Stepp Stewart dance moves that banish upper-arm flab.

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