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How can I get rid of my flabby arms?

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  • This question is often presented and the answer is not always the easiest.  Unfortunately, spot training does not exist. You will be able to lose weight in certain areas very easily and other areas are very difficult, i.e. your arms. What you need to focus on is strengthening your entire body and eating balanced and nutritional meals. If you are able to complete both of these items then do not worry, your arms will get tighter and firmer but be patient these things take time.
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    To banish batwings (arms that jiggle), try doing dolphin yoga poses. Begin on all fours with your knees beneath your hips and wrists beneath your shoulders. Lower your elbows to the floor. Tuck toes and press hips up to create a long line. Lower heels to the floor. Without moving your elbows off the mat, squeeze upper arms toward one another. Hold pose for about 5-15 breaths. Repeat 3 times and practice 3 times a day.

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