Will the amino acid L-arginine turn me into the Incredible Hulk?

When the muscle bound man who makes Arnold look wimpy talks on the commercial about how an amino acid called L-arginine made him the way he is, he is right about one thing.

L-arginine, also called arginine, is an amino acid.

Sure, maybe it can make you healthier, but it sure won't turn you into Mr. America. It won't make your pecs enormous. It won't give you six-pack abs and it won't make your forearms look like Popeye's. But it may turn you into Mr. Sick if you take as much as the guy on the commercial.

Clearly, the body needs L-arginine - a naturally occurring substance akin to human growth hormone in its miraculous benefits. L-arginine assists waste removal and synthesizes proteins. Those who lack sufficient amounts, perhaps through burns, infection, malnutrition, dialysis and other reasons, may be constipated, suffer from a loss of hair known as alopecia and have skin troubles. They may take longer to heal and their livers may experience fat build up.

But before you take anything containing L-arginine, be cautious. Very cautious. Read about it and learn what it does, what it does not do and its effect on human growth.

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