How does L-arginine work?

Usually, the human body produces enough of the amino acid L-arginine.

But not always. Sometimes, because of a traumatic injury or liver disease, the body cannot make enough.

But it needs L-arginine. So it is considered a semi-essential amino acid.

This is what L-arginine can do for you. It helps the body produce urea, the end result of when your body breaks down proteins and what you eliminate when you urinate. The body needs urea because it helps eliminate the excess nitrogen produced when proteins are broken down. L-arginine also assists in the body's production of creatine, which is a protein that helps build muscle mass. L-arginine also helps the body eliminate creatinine, which is the waste product of building muscle mass. These are the reasons, by the way, that the bodybuilding industry trumpets creatine and L-arginine supplements.

You can obtain additional L-arginine as a natural supplement, by inhaling it or injecting it.

As a medicine, L-arginine is considered a vasodilator, which means that it dilates blood vessels. That means more blood flows, which lowers blood pressure and can, in certain instances, help the bodyh cope with arterial blockages from conditions like atherosclerosis.

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