What are the ways to take L-arginine?

There are different formulations of L-arginine based on what condition it is being used to treat.

Taking L-arginine by injection or by mouth may help coronary artery disease, but only injected L-arginine can test for growth hormone deficiencies. You can only be given L-arginine intravenously by a healthcare provider.

L-arginine may help migraines when taken along with ibuprofen, and oral L-arginine can be added to other supplements to help prevent people who have critical illnesses from losing muscle and fat tissue.

If you are using L-arginine outside of the doctor's office, your options are oral supplements, transdermal supplements, and dietary choices that are high in L-arginine.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist for suggestions to help you decide the best way to take L-arginine for your condition.

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