Does arginine promote secretion of growth hormone?

L-arginine's most famously touted benefit - a chiseled body with bulging muscles - may actually be its least important contribution.

One reason is because L-arginine really doesn't work as a miracle shortcut to a bodacious body, according to the Mayo Clinic. There is no shortcut.

But L-arginine may actually be very beneficial to human growth.

Scientists do know that L-arginine stimulates protein production, particularly creatine, which does help build muscle mass. But there is so much that researchers do not yet know about L-arginine that it is hard to say just how beneficial it really is to human growth.

When it comes to L-arginine and human growth, there are a lot of maybes involved.

L-arginine may boost human growth hormone. Estrogen may boost its activity. Progesterone may suppress it.
L-arginine may assist with human growth before birth, but not enough studies have been conducted. L-arginine may one day be given to pregnant women to boost fetal growth, particularly in cases of preeclampsia.
And L-arginine may help prevent wasting. Those suffering from HIV/AIDS and other chronic wasting diseases seem to have benefit from L-arginine's capacity to assist the body in holding onto its muscle mass. This is helpful in a couple of ways. Not only is the body more susceptible to other conditions when there is plummeting body weight, but individuals can lose independence if they loose muscle. So L-arginine may help boost quality of life.

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