Can hypnosis help me quit smoking cigarettes?

Hypnosis methods vary a great deal, which makes it hard to study as a way to stop smoking. For the most part, reviews that looked at studies of hypnosis to help people quit smoking have not supported it as a quitting method that works. Still, some people find it useful. If you would like to try it, ask your doctor if he or she can recommend a good hypnotherapist.

Some people are able to quit smoking with the help of hypnosis, even though research has not proven that it helps. If you find that hypnosis can help reduce the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, you may be a successful quitter. But if you don’t, keep trying other conventional therapies, such as managing your triggers, counseling, and medications, until you are successful!

Hypnosis allows you to achieve a mental state of deep, focused relaxation in which you are open to suggestions that could help you change your attitude toward cigarettes. Your doctor may be able to refer you to a qualified hypnotherapist who specializes in smoking cession. Or you may refer to the American Society of Clinical Hypnotists for information on finding a hypnotist.  

Dr. Robin Miller, MD
Internal Medicine
Hypnosis can help you to quit smoking. Results are variable but there have been studies showing that hypnosis has a success rate as high as 66% for smoking cessation. The key for hypnosis to work is that you need to want to quit. I would also recommend finding a qualified hynpotherapist. Your healthcare provider may be able to guide you.


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